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An art-centric multipurpose community-based organization catering to the social, professional, and progressive needs of women.



The organization was created in direct response to the growing number of unemployed and underemployed performing artists struggling financially.  Talent appears to be a focal point for struggling artists yet art entrepreneurship takes a back seat and sustainable long-term opportunities are limited.



Through the creation of art-specific programming educating artists on methods to transform their talents into profitable enterprises.  We have developed multiple programs that foster self-sufficiency, unity among women, and opportunities that encourage personal and professional progression. 



Educational Webinars & Workshops

Live Musical Performances

Performance & Educational Collaborations

Paid Opportunities for Artists

Artist Workforce Development & Training

Think Tanks

Interactive Programming

Secure Collaborative Partnerships and Sponsorships



Develop solutions that will improve workforce outcomes producing pathways for emerging artists to grow professionally and contribute to the local art economy.



Emerging, intermediate & professional artists and art enthusiasts in search of community, support, and resources. 


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2021 Guidestar Seal of Transparency