Established in 2011 by artists and art enthusiasts striving to improve financial support, access to employment opportunities, and support for financially disadvantaged emerging artists, musicians, and performers.

Since 2011, the organization has developed multiple programs that foster self-sufficiency, unity among women, and opportunities that encourage personal and professional evolution.  A multi-year consecutive awardee of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Preserving Diverse Cultures grant, The WCE has managed and executed several multi-themed concerts, art collaborations, and art-centered workshops to increase art engagement for the public while partnering with art institutions to share spaces in support of artists.

The Women’s Coalition for Empowerment, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) art-centric nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, uniting, and empowering women through the use of initiatives that promote self-sufficiency, multiculturalism, self-esteem, individual and collective growth. Providing members with a social networking platform to meet, interact, learn, and engage.  “We will use our voices to change the world!”

We will create a universal sisterhood of empowered women to take control of their lives, become successful, and improve the world.  We intend to raise the consciousness of women everywhere by implementing our mission to overcome any form of oppression.

Strategize and support
Help our staff, volunteers, and members
Empower, engage, and educate participants
Kindness to those in need
Honoring all stages of development
Integrity in our intentions
Network to interact and cultivate partnerships
Aspirations for greatness
Honesty and transparency


  • Personal & Professional Development Empowerment Services
  • Sistahs Attune
  • Networking
  • Information Resources
  • Art Economic Empowerment Workshops
  • Financial Management Workshops

Personal & Professional Development Empowerment Services – offers both facilitated and one-on-one sessions for participants to identify their individual skills viable for social improvement and support upward career mobility.

Sistahs Attune – Sistahs Attune is a musically eclectic women’s vocal collective of emerging freelance vocal artists spanning genres connected to soulful music striving towards improving their economic and employable power within the arts. Sistahs Attune increases opportunities for art employment, merges the gap between art and commerce while increasing culturally relevant platforms for Afro-Centric music and expression.

Networking – the organization acquires spaces where participants, supporters, and prospects meet together in a social environment to build/form relationships with attendees to develop and enhance personal and professional connections.

Information Resources – the organization provides relevant information and resources in the following areas:  Education, Employment, Emergency Services, Housing, Public Assistance, Drug Rehabilitation, Counseling Services, Financial Assistance, Entrepreneurship, Domestic Violence, Legal Aid Services, Medical Assistance, Women-Owned Business, and Misc. Resources.

Art Economic Empowerment Workshops – an artist-specific workshop series demonstrating how to successfully identify, apply, and secure paid-workforce art opportunities. Once completed, artists are able to highlight their talents, enhance career development, and contribute to the art economy.

Financial Management Workshops – facilitated sessions where participants identify their financial goals, create budgets, and identify best financial practices to save, grow, diversify, and invest money.