Juneteenth Wine & Arts Festival #JWAF

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What is the Juneteenth Wine & Arts Festival (JWAF)?A groundbreaking cultural event and the first of its kind commemorating the rich history of Juneteenth celebrating Black culture through a fusion of wine tastings, captivating art exhibits, and electrifying live music performances.

This inaugural event marked a historic milestone in Pennsylvania, bringing widespread recognition through extensive news coverage, enthusiastic word-of-mouth endorsements, and strategic promotion.

By seamlessly connecting artists and local businesses, JWAF has not only facilitated enhanced exposure and sales opportunities but also fostered valuable networking, promotion, and community building, nurturing a thriving cultural ecosystem.

2023 Team of Creatives Wineries, & Businesses Featured Below

Performances byLady Alma | Shirley Lites | Carla Gamble | Ashley Scott | DJ ChillX

Black Wineries FeaturedCyrenity SipsBlacoak; Mark & Val

Black Businesses Featured: Nutz About PopcornViolets In BloomHerb Fuzion